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This is the blender of all blenders and you have the chance to win one, courtesy of Blendtec.

For the last 8 and 1/2 years we’ve had the same crappy blender. I truly dreaded using it. It’s one of those really heavy multi-piece jars. It was a pain to clean and never performed like I really wanted it to. If you didn’t screw on the base tight enough, it would leak. And if it was on too tight, I seriously fought with the thing to get it apart to clean properly. Not to mention that pouring anything from it was a nightmare. It was never neat and definitely not a pretty situation. I did get a few extra licks out of whatever I was making, but you really don’t want that issue with your blender.

I did loads of research looking for the perfect solution to all of my blending problems. Every comparison I did, Blendtec came out on top. In fact, there are some super fun examples of showing just how powerful these machines are. Check out the fun “Will it Blend” videos! Will an iPhone blend, super glue or even paint balls? Check out the videos to find out, just remember not to try any of those at home. ;)

Designer Series Blendtec Giveaway from

The Designer series offers a sleek and smooth design with a bpa-free all in one jar! It blends, chops, purees, makes ice cream… and even snow! No, I’m not kidding. That was the first thing I did and it was a total accident. We threw some ice in and let the machine do it’s magic. In under a minute we had a jar of snow! If you live in a climate that doesn’t get snow, you’ll definitely want to try this.

Not only are Blendtec blenders powerful but they’re easy to use and a synch to clean! A drop of soap with warm water, blend, pour and rinse – voila! The Designer Series model offers a simple touch control panel. No ugly and awkward buttons to stare at or try to clean around. Simply wipe away your mess.

I have had the luxury of trying out the designer series model in my home. I’ve never wanted to use a blender so much prior to trying out the Blendtec. It’s a beautiful piece of equipment that you not only want to use, but you’ll want to make space for it on your counter so you can access it regularly and easily. By housing the blender on your counter, you’re far more likely to use it. In the past several weeks, we’ve been making smoothies like crazy and testing out fun new recipes (look for some in the coming days!). It’s a chance to try new smoothies and shakes for on the go or as a healthy substitute for indulging on something you might otherwise eat. Of course it’s not just about smoothies and shakes, puree soup, make baby food, frozen treats and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Simply put, Blendtec blenders are amazing. 

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Here’s what’s up for grabs:

One winner will receive: One (1) Designer Series Blendtec base in your choice of color (black or red), with WildSide jar, Vented Gripper lid and recipe book (I’ve already marked off a ton of delicious recipes to try in mine)! Plus, a Twister jar! Total package is valued at $574!