Hershey's Spreads on bakedbyrachel.com #spreadpossibilities

This post is brought to you on behalf of Hershey’s chocolate spreads.

I love chocolate… let me count the ways. Okay. Okay. Maybe that’s not anywhere near as eloquent as the original poem, but you get the idea. And I’m sure you don’t really need me to spell out why I love chocolate because I’m sure you fully agree. Right?

Chocolate is always there for you in the hardest of times and happiest of moments. I’m totally hearing another famous quote in my head even though that’s not exactly the same thing and I’m sure you know what one I’m talking about. I guess I’m in a quoting mood.

Chocolate is just plain awesome. And spreadable chocolate is even better. There are so many possibilities for spreadable chocolate. Sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, spoons (because let’s be real here) and of course muffins, bread and much much more!

Hershey's Spreads on bakedbyrachel.com #spreadpossibilities

A few weeks ago, I shared a range of possibilities and promised I’d revisit my favorite pairings for Hershey’s spreads… so here we go… the results. Here are my top three favorite pairing items.

For those that know me, know that I’m basically head over heels in love with apples, so you’d think that would have been my favorite pairing. Right? I would’ve tried this sooner had I had apples on hand. I know *gasp* I was out of apples. But I finally had the chance to try them dipped in chocolate.

I loved it. Obviously.

Hershey's Spreads on bakedbyrachel.com #spreadpossibilities

But what I loved more was pretzels. I’ve done something I never expected I’d do. Something I swore I’d never try… the world that is sweet and salty. I love it. I’m obsessed. Why did it take me this long to realize how amazing it is? I mean, it all happened within the last year so that’s kind of why I knew I should try pretzels with this spread. Do it. Trust me.

Of course, when it came to choosing my absolute favorite I was a bit torn. I kept going back and forth between pretzels and clementines. Two completely different flavors and textures. I promise the back and forth was purely for scientific research. I had to be sure which would come out on top.

Clementines. It’s amazing. Try it. I promise you’ll agree. It was hands down the best fruit I tried with the chocolate, but to be fair… I loved every sweet and salty item I tried with the spreads. These are just my, very hard to choose, top three that are absolute must tries when you pick up your own jars of Hershey’s spreads!

Hershey's Spreads on bakedbyrachel.com #spreadpossibilities

Congrats to the winner of the Hershey’s spreads package! Amy S. said she would first dip pretzels! Fabulous choice.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for my time. As always, all opinions are completely my own.