A guide to storing and freezing egg whites, plus examples of recipes to use up leftover egg whites and egg yolks.

How To: Use, Store and Freeze Leftover Egg Whites (and yolks!) from bakedbyrachel.com

So you know how I kind of have an ice cream addiction? I mean, it makes total sense not only because it’s summer but because it’s just plain delicious. Creamy homemade ice cream is the absolute best. It beats any store bought ice cream by a mile. The only problem is it lasts half as long… because it’s so freakishly delicious. When I first bought my ice cream maker I started out by making a Philadelphia style ice cream – which means no eggs. It was good. I was basically still in shock that I could make my own ice cream at home.

One day I finally took the plunge and made custard based ice cream… which requires egg yolks. Holy moly there’s no going back after you do that. Seriously. It’s scary at first because you think you’re going to screw it up… not cook the egg mixture long enough or cook it too long or have it turn into scrambled eggs! I promise, once you try it, you’ll never want to make an egg-free ice cream again. It’s just truly amazing creaminess. But there’s a problem…

What?! How could there possibly be a problem with ice cream?! Well… if it calls for egg yolks only, then you’re left with the whites and what do you do with 5-7 egg whites? You couldn’t possibly want to just toss them. I’m sure people do. We’re all guilty of wasting food every now and then… more than we like sometimes even. I’m here to tell you that you can save those beautiful egg whites and use them whenever you please! 

How To: Use, Store and Freeze Leftover Egg Whites (and yolks!) from bakedbyrachel.com

You’ll need an ice cube tray – new or used, it doesn’t matter as long as this will be it’s sole purpose. No mixing regular ice cubes and egg white cubes in the same tray k? As you break open your eggs for ice cream or whatever yolk dish you’ve got going, allow the whites to fall into one bowl and place the yolks in another. When you’re done, carefully pour your whites into a clean ice cube tray. make sure you end up with an even number of cubes. For my tray shown above, 2 cubes = 1 egg white. I like that this tray comes with a lid, that way I can store things on top of it AND not worry about spilling the liquid, plus it’s handy for when I’m trying to get the cubes out. Which btw, when it comes time for that – if you have this style with a lid, tip your tray upside down and run under some warm water. It’ll loosen up the cubes just enough so can easily pop them out and toss in a freezer safe container or bag! Mark your bag well! Ex: Egg white cubes – 2 = 1 white. You get the idea. They’re a tad yellowish once frozen so it’d be kind of nasty to confuse them with lemon/lemonade cubes if you happen to be making that. Your guests wouldn’t be so happy with that mixup. For use in a recipe, thaw whites in a clean container in the fridge.

But you’re probably wondering… what do I do with the egg whites once I save them? I’ve got you covered… not only for what to do with leftover egg whites but also egg yolks! Because sometimes you crack an egg for a white too, right? Well there are loads of yolk-tastic recipes listed below as well.

Happy baking!

Leftover egg whites:
Apple pie squares
Apple cranberry squares
Mini toasted s’more cheesecakes
Angel food cupcakes with roasted strawberries
Funfetti cupcakes
Perfect white cupcakes
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Coconut baked onion rings – Running to the Kitchen
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Leftover egg yolks:
Boston cream pie cheesecake
Chocolate eclairs with white chocolate drizzle
Lobster rolls with homemade mayonnaise
Homemade mayonnaise
Pâte à choux: cream puffs and eclairs
Pumpkin creme brûlée – Table For Two Blog
Creme brûlée – Table for Two Blog
Hollandaise sauce – Fine Cooking
Chocolate pudding
Caesar dressing – Bon Appetit
Lemon curd – Completely Delicious
Lemon bars – Tracey’s Culinary Adventures

Ice cream:
S’more ice cream
Orange creamsicle ice cream
Roasted strawberry ice cream
Chocolate chip coffee ice cream
York peppermint patty ice cream
Strawberry and fudge swirl ice cream
Cherry chocolate chunk ice cream
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