Have you ever noticed how when you have a “case of the Monday’s” it either goes in one of two ways – downhill for the rest of the day or up. I think we all hope for it to only go uphill but sometimes we get sucked into a rough moment and have a hard time pulling ourselves out of it. Sometimes I wish I could have a little person or cricket, even though bugs kind of freak me out, on my shoulder telling me it’ll be okay or giving inspirational advice to push me forward.

A while back Amanda shared something new her family is doing and I wanted to share that with you. A jar of notes. As simple as “you are beautiful” or “you are smart”. One paper a day, to start your day. Think of how something so small could make a difference on your day. Maybe it’ll help you through a rough day. Be sure to check out her post for all of the details.

Taking that a step further, a while back on Pinterest I saw a pin for memory jar. Now, they’re floating around like crazy now, so here’s just one example. The jist is this, fill a jar full of happy memories. The suggestion is always to start at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year read through all of the happy memories. But why not start today? Or even if the jar idea isn’t working for you, stop and think every day about at least one thing that made you happy that day, today.

The Best Part from Folgers

I have vague memories from my childhood where we would talk about our favorite part of the day – now, I could be totally making all up in my head, or maybe it was from camp or even home dinners… I can’t recall, but it’s such a good idea. It’s something we do in our family now. It’s an easy way to hear about the kids’ day at school. It gets the family talking, sharing and enjoying those happy moments. Happiness is infectious. Let’s all be happy and help each other be happy… one piece of paper, one quote and one moment at a time. Happiness. It’s the best part.

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