I don’t like sweet and salty desserts. You will never find me eating bacon on a cupcake. Never. So what would possess me to cover pretzels with chocolate? And taking that a step further, what would possess me to then attempt to push chocolate covered pretzels into hot cookies? It’s a disgusting disaster waiting to happen but I did it anyway.

I hate myself for even trying. I hate myself for wasting the ingredients. Our oldest child is definitely my daughter… she wanted nothing to do with the chocolate covered pretzels. She helped make them and had fun doing so. But when it came to eating them… she took a bite of one and that was it. Think – yuck, , I don’t like these – kind of comments.


Waste. Of. Time.

Most important – complete waste of ingredients.

I’m not bashing the original recipe and those who have tried this idea and had it work out, but for me – it didn’t. Forget my hatred of sweet and salty desserts. There were issues.

1. The freaking chocolate ‘antlers’ melted upon contact with the cookies! And then obviously all over my hands. Well duh… hot cookies + chocolate = melted chocolate. But tell me why in the original post elsewhere that didn’t happen? I really don’t care. You don’t have to answer that question.

2. The m&ms wouldn’t stay in the cookies! If you bake them into the cookies they can crack so I pushed them in after but they wouldn’t stay. Clearly they wanted nothing to do with this idea either.

I don’t see how this could work with any type of dough… peanut butter, sugar cookie, gingerbread (which is what I used). None.

Let’s also mention that when you want pretty cookies and have a 4 year old helping – they just might say something like ‘they need cheeks too!’ and while you’re not looking that same 4 year old might try pushing an m&m into the cookie to make cheeks but then pull it out and then the nose cracks and agh. That’s the least of the issues with these cookies though.

They may be cute but they’re a gigantic pain in the butt.

Complete. Utter. Fail.

Never again.