Three Cheese Hawaiian Pizza with 5 Minute Dough

Three cheese homemade Hawaiian pizza featuring an easy 5 minute dough that’s both perfectly crisp and chewy!

Three Cheese Hawaiian Pizza with 5 Minute Dough Recipe from @bakedbyrachel

I’m a huge fan of pizza. In fact, we have a weekly pizza night. It’s something that not only I look forward to, but the kids and of course the Mr too! There are so many amazing options, from classic pepperoni to unusual twists. There’s something for everyone!

With the holidays upon us, I figured, what better way to use up leftover ham than pizza?! A super easy 5-minute dough, topped off with leftover holiday ham, salty bacon, pineapple chunks and three varieties of cheese!

This is the perfect homemade pizza dough for anyone scared of yeast or just new to dough and bread making. It’s truly 5 minutes of hands on time and offers the perfect crisp and chewy texture! Using Fleischmann’s® Pizza Crust Yeast means there is zero proof and rise time! Just mix, shape and stretch! It’s that easy!

Three Cheese Hawaiian Pizza with 5 Minute Dough Recipe from @bakedbyrachel

Here are my favorite tips for baking with yeast…

Don’t be scared of yeast! It’s really not scary. What’s the worst thing that happens, it doesn’t proof or rise? Start over! No biggie.

When heating water or other liquids, until you’re comfortable, don’t judge by finger temperature alone! Use a thermometer. But my general guideline for the finger test – it should be hotter than room temperature but not so hot it hurts to touch. Most recipes will call for the liquid to be heated to between 115-120°F. So pretty warm, but not painful to touch.

Store your yeast in the refrigerator. Trust me. It will help keep your yeast fresher longer.

Check out Fleischmann’s website for even more tips and tricks!

Let me show you just how easy this dough is to pull together…

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