Chocolate S’more Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

Moist chocolate cupcakes with a graham cracker crust and homemade marshmallow frosting. A fun s’more cupcake for Summer!

Chocolate s'more cupcakes with homemade marshmallow frosting. Recipe from @bakedbyrachel

I think I jinxed our New England Summer. Last week I talked about how amazing the Summer has been. But then it rained and is raining again and again today. What gives?!

In other news… Scandal!! Did you know there are less than 60 days to go until season 4 starts?! Eek! See for yourself…Kristen sent me this awesome Scandal countdown. So if you’re obsessed, like me, and itching for it to start up again, you can watch the clock tick away!

Also, I finally started reading Allegiant. I’m honestly not a fan of the way this one is written, but I’m still enjoying the characters so we’ll see where it goes. No spoilers please! What books are you loving this Summer? I’m always looking for great new suggestions so please leave them below!

Chocolate s'more cupcakes with homemade marshmallow frosting. Recipe from @bakedbyrachel

You know what stinks about working ahead on recipes? Writing about them weeks later. Of course it’s just as bad for you, but you’re seeing them for the first time. I’m reliving it and wishing I had one of these cupcakes in my hand to enjoy again – right now! Which means they have to happen again asap!

I made these chocolate s’more cupcakes a few weeks ago, before I even made the cinnamon graham s’more cupcakes. Two totally different s’more cupcakes and both totally irresistible! You can’t choose between them because they’re both just so good. You definitely need them both in your life. Seriously.

Moist chocolate cupcakes on top of a graham cracker crust and finished off with homemade marshmallow frosting.

Chocolate s'more cupcakes with homemade marshmallow frosting. Recipe from @bakedbyrachel

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