Grilled French Bread

Crisp grilled French bread slices brushed with a garlic and oil mixture. A perfect addition to any Summer dinner.

Grilled French bread recipe from @bakedbyrachel

This week has been kind of crazy. What from readjusting to reality after a mini vacation, to strange wild weather and gearing up for not only the holiday weekend but a birthday on the holiday. So much to do. So little time.

However, I did find time to escape outside and read for several hours the other day. I gave up on the Gillian Flynn book, Dark Places. I honestly hated her writing style with Gone Girl, so I’m not sure why I chose to read another of her books. I guess, I just hoped it would be better. Her books are infurriating, as is her writing style. The whole back and forth bit, between not only characters but time, really bothers me. Instead, I ditched that book and started on a Veronica Mars book. I was late to the series, but fell in love with it… and the movie. The two books start off right after the movie, so it’s really fun to read along and picture all of the characters as they were. If you were a fan of that series, I highly recommend continuing. So far so good anyway!

Grilled French bread recipe from @bakedbyrachel

I know it’s not just me that’s super busy. You’re probably pinched for time leading up to the holiday weekend too! So, I knew this super easy grilled French bread, would be a great recipe leading up to such a busy weekend!

I paired this grilled French bread with my Italian chicken kabobs and juicy summer corn, but it would be perfect with anything… or completely on it’s own. Because, who doesn’t love crisp slices of bread, slathered in garlic oil? Yum!!

Add this super easy, crowd pleasing grilled French bread to your grilling menu this weekend!

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