Braided Cheddar Beer Bread

Soft and airy homemade beer bread with a cheddar swirl. A fun snacking bread to share with friends and family!

Soft and airy homemade braided cheddar beer bread recipe from @bakedbyrachel

Starting Monday off with a complaint or two, because… it’s Monday so why not? We had two storms basically back to back – one Friday and another today. That’s not too unusual for this area. I’m seriously disappointed in how New England, in general, has handled things. Schools closing well ahead of both storms. In the end, it was a good decision… safety first and all. But the decision was only a good one because the towns and cities weren’t on the ball with proper snow cleanup. It’s SO unlike this area to not be prepared. And it’s not like these storms snuck up on us either. We’re used to 10 or 12 inches of snow in a given storm and going back to school the next day, so why is it that this year, the first two fairly large storms and everyone is freaking out? I just don’t get it. Is it just me? Maybe I’m a hardened New Englander, having gone through worse storms. I’m thinking and acting like what every older generation does… ‘we walked up hill to school, both ways, in 2 feet of snow.’ Or something like that.

After the Iowa caucus we were sure we’d be bombarded with political calls again. Shockingly enough, we didn’t receive a call for days. I figured the phone would be ringing off the hook even more so than it was prior to that. The break didn’t last too long though. It’s back to bordering on obnoxious. Sometimes we pick up and hang up. Sometimes we ask to be removed from their listing. But the best so far was one call yesterday. Most calls require voice activation for someone to pick up on the other end. So, the Mr answered and put the phone by the tv. They stayed on the line for a good minute or so listening to the movie Groundhog Day. I totally recommend going that route. It’s fun.

Soft and airy homemade braided cheddar beer bread recipe from @bakedbyrachel

You guys… this bread.

It’s am-aaazing! I made this over the weekend and the family basically devoured it! Seriously good!

Look at those air pockets and swirls of cheese! It’s truly irresistible!

Super soft and airy braided beer bread with a cheesy swirl. It’s the perfect snacking bread to share with friends and family.

This flavorful bread is super easy to whip up and gives impressive results!

Be sure to add this braided cheddar beer bread to your baking plans! The only thing you’ll regret about this bread is not grabbing an extra slice before it’s gone! It WILL disappear fast! It’s that good.

Soft and airy homemade braided cheddar beer bread recipe from @bakedbyrachel

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