Slow Cooker Italian Wedding Soup

Easy and hearty slow cooker Italian wedding soup with mini chicken meatballs. A comforting meal perfect for any night of the week.

Easy slow cooker Italian wedding soup recipe from @bakedbyrachel A hearty dinner!

Book update! I finished Slammed. I couldn’t put it down! I was so much better than I ever anticipated it would be. Of course, it also made me cry a ton. But it was such a good book. I only wish I had read it sooner, but I’m also glad that I waited. You know it’s a good book when it touches you so much, bringing you to tears. The only book I remember making me cry more was Marley & Me. Such a tear jerker! Another amazing book, that if you haven’t read, you absolutely should! But both come with that warning… have a box of tissues ready!

I’m always amazed at how creative kids can be. Last year during one of our snowstorms, I was watching my kids out the window playing in the snow. Suddenly they’re all diving head first sliding down our mini hill. No sleds…no problem. Just sliding down on their bellies. They looked just like penguins diving down a hill. It still cracks me up to this day, especially since they still do it. I’m half tempted not to get sleds since I wonder if it would be a waste. They’re doing so well without them!

Easy slow cooker Italian wedding soup recipe from @bakedbyrachel A hearty dinner!

Everyone has a favorite soup. This is the Mr’s. He requests it time and time again. This is an updated version from what I shared many years ago.

Easy. Flavorful. Hearty. And absolutely comforting! A perfect soup to warm up with on those cold winter days and nights!

My favorite part is the mini meatballs. They’re perfectly sized to fit on a spoon! But best of all… they have a nice spicy kick… optional of course, but I totally recommend it!

This classic soup is an absolute must make. Make it even easier by preparing the meatballs ahead and tossing all of the ingredients in the slow cooker before heading off to work. Come home to a warm comforting meal, ready to enjoy!

Psst… don’t forget the cheese! A perfect topping for this fun soup!

This easy slow cooker Italian wedding soup should definitely be part of your dinner plans! Bonus, it makes for great leftovers!

Easy slow cooker Italian wedding soup recipe from @bakedbyrachel A hearty dinner!

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