Pineapple Salsa

This sweet and spicy pineapple salsa is perfect on its own or paired with your favorite cut of meat!

Sweet and spicy pineapple salsa recipe from @bakedbyrachel

I’ve been absolutely loving summer lately. The weather has been pretty amazing, which has led to plenty of time outside in the yard and swimming. It’s been truly perfect the last few days. I wish it were this way year round! A light breeze, 70s in the morning, reaching up into the high 80s in the afternoon. Let’s not forget the long summer days with plenty of light! Still bright and sunny at dinner time. I’m trying to enjoy it and ignore the fact that it’ll be coming to an end soon enough.

It’s hard to believe we’re in the home stretch for summer vacation. This summer has flown by with less than a month to go before the kids are back in school! Where have the days gone?! Growing up, we never went back to school before Labor Day. But, it seems more and more districts are starting even a week earlier. Maybe it’s partially to help with our snow days. Who knows! It’s just kind of weird. I know kids in other areas of the country start back even earlier so, I’ll try not to complain!

Sweet and spicy pineapple salsa recipe from @bakedbyrachel

Until a couple weeks ago, I had completely forgotten how much I love pineapple! It’s seriously my new favorite summery fruit, right next to strawberries. I would’ve been totally content eating the pineapple as-is, but it’s always fun to create something new too!

It also gave me the chance to finally try my pineapple slicer that had literally been in the closet for the longest time, untouched and forgotten. I’m not usually one for uni-taskers, as I hate my kitchen drawers getting super cluttered with random gadgets…but, this is basically a life changing tool and total uni-tasker win for all pineapple lovers. I know I’ll be getting plenty of use out of it now! And there will be plenty more pineapple recipes to come, I’m sure!

This pineapple salsa is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy! It’s loaded with sweet chunks of fresh pineapple, red onion and jalapeño! Eat it alone, with tortilla chips or with your favorite cut of meat. However you choose to eat, you’ll be happy! Just be sure to get a nice serving before everyone else does, as it will disappear fast!

Sweet and spicy pineapple salsa recipe from @bakedbyrachel

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