Apple Cider Donut Bundt Cake

Your favorite apple cider donut, reinvented into a moist spiced cake, coated in sweet cinnamon and sugar! A fun Fall treat, perfect for brunch or dessert!

Moist apple cider donut bundt cake recipe from @bakedbyrachel A fun treat for Fall!

Only two and a half weeks into the current school year and we’ve already had our first round of colds. Hopefully it’s not a sign of how this year is going to go. I’m not sure I can handle being sick for the rest of the school year. And of course, the kids all barely got sick and were over it in no time. But me, nope… it drags on seemingly for-ev-er. Keeping my fingers crossed I can kick this cold to the street before the week is over.

I took advantage of being sick last week and decided to read The Girl on the Train. I’d had in on my list for a long time but other, more interesting books, always found their way at the top instead. I’m glad I finally read it. It was good. I can’t say that it was great, but a solid good for sure. There were lapses in thoughts and time that bothered me while reading. If you’re interested in seeing the movie, I’d definitely recommend trying to read the book first… especially since the books are almost always worlds better than the movie versions. Next up is After You. I’ve been waiting for a free library download, because I didn’t want to pay for this one. Fingers crossed it’s at least decent!

So, we’re a week into the new Fall shows. Do you have any favorites so far? We’ve giving a few new ones a try and seeing how they do… including Notorious, Designated Survivor and Pitch. I was really impressed with Pitch. If you haven’t checked that out, I’d definitely recommend it. I have a feeling I may need to reserve that for weekend watching so everyone can see it.

Moist apple cider donut bundt cake recipe from @bakedbyrachel A fun treat for Fall!

Growing up in New England, apple cider donuts have always been a part of my Fall plans. The apple farm we’d go to as kids had a special donut room, surrounded by windows. We’d pick our apples and then go watch the donuts being made. It was mesmerizing for a kid… and the smell was incredible!

Now, I mostly stick to homemade versions – classics or fun twists on the classics. I’ve already shared classic fried apple cider donuts (with three variations!) and baked apple cider donut muffins! It was time for a new twist on a favorite.

What’s better than a donut? A donut cake! And the bundt pan is the perfect option to create that!

I based this incredible recipe off of my donut muffins. The result is a super moist spiced apple cider donut bundt cake, coated in a sweet cinnamon-sugar mixture. Serve with optional brown sugar whipped cream for an extra special treat. Enjoy this cake for brunch or dessert! Either way, it’s a guaranteed family favorite and an absolute must make this Fall!

Moist apple cider donut bundt cake recipe from @bakedbyrachel A fun treat for Fall!

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