Recently I was sent a package of Ocean Spray blueberry and blueberry pomegranate products, juice and craisins. I couldn’t just eat and drink the items, I wanted to come up with recipes they could be used in. In my searches I realised there are very few recipes that specifically call for blueberry juice or combos. This put me on a mission. I was in brainstorm mode.

I knew immediately breakfast items were a quick answer. There are also options for brownies, cookies and bars. Basically all dessert or breakfast food items. Nothing was coming to mind to use the juices in, just the craisins. Finally I decided, what about margaritas? Or even some other kind of drink concoction. This lead me to doing some searches for ideas on what to mix up, quantities and such. I’ve never made a margarita from scratch, or period for that matter.

After doing a bit of research I came up with several options to play around with. Last week Josh was on vacation, it was also a busy birthday week. We picked up the ingredients we’d need for drinks early in the week but the week went by with my being so busy prepping for our oldest’s third birthday party that I flat out never got around to making any drinks. Sunday hit and I decided, now or never. I got to work, tossing all of the ingredients on the counter. I cut all of the recipes down since I wanted to see what was the best. Yes, this meant lots of taste testing. Josh didn’t mind one bit.

The first batch seemed a bit more straight forward and basic. The taste was too strong for me, but my taste tester disagreed and liked it just fine. We have very different tastes. The second batch I changed up the juice flavor and switched it up adding new ingredients. This was the most delicious drink I’ve ever made. However, Josh thought it was too sweet and maybe too fruity. Nonsense! Of course he did eventually agree it was rather tasty, but it all just goes back to how different we are in what drinks we like. I am more of a fruity drinker. He is more of a traditional margarita drinker or Jack and Coke. So… you may have to decide which is better for you. I think skipping the straight blueberry juice and just using blueberry pomegranate for all mixes may make even the first one better, it still wouldn’t come close to beating the flavor of the second. I will absolutely be making that one again. Delish!

I did make several other batches, but those need some tweaking before sharing.

Basic Blueberry Margarita
Ingredients: (makes aprox 4 servings)
4 C crushed ice
1 C juice (I used Ocean Spray Blueberry)
1/2 C orange liqueur
1/2 C tequila
1 tbsp lime juice
lime wedges (optional)
salt (optional)

Simply put, toss ice and liquid ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth, or if prefered slightly chunky with pea size pieces of ice, or smaller. Rim glasses with salt if desired. Divide mixture between glasses. Garnish and enjoy.

Blueberry Pomegranate Margarita
Ingredients: (makes aprox 4 servings)
3 C crushed ice
1/3 C tequila
1/4 C orange liqueur
1 12oz can limeade concentrate, frozen
1 C juice (I used Ocean Spray Blueberry Pomegranate)
1/4 C powdered sugar
lime wedges for garnish

Toss all ingredients in a blender, reserving lime wedges. Blend until smooth, or almost smooth if slightly chunky is acceptable. Divide evenly between glasses. Garnish and enjoy.

It’s almost too good to be true with how easy it is to make. But it is seriously good, especially if you like fruity drinks. This is a must try.