It’s my birthday today. I have this strange urge to go watch Alvin & the Chipmunks. You know, the old cartoon but the ones that had the Chipettes too. I’ve heard the girls singing ‘I’ll cry if I want to’ in my head all weekend. I’m really not bitter about my birthday but maybe somehow the fact that I’m 29… for the second time really is bugging me. I swear it’s not. Maybe it’s just a song I affiliate with birthdays. I don’t know. Strange but whatever. I’d much rather sing that than ‘Happy birthday’. I think it’s one of those songs you just want to be over before it even starts. Is it just me?

Anyway… I’m celebrating with store bought cake (because I had no interest in making my own)… Lots of candy and a fancy new camera that I need to figure out how to use…

Pretty flowers from my parents…(note how intensely 18mo is sniffing – totally cracks me up)

and shopping with my girls. I sure hope it’s a good day even if it is a gloomy March day.