After the seemingly longer than normal winter we had, we’re finally seeing color! I’ve been jealous of everyone, even as close as an hour south, talking about color… flowers blooming and trees budding. Finally it’s happening up in our neck of the woods. We’re not even that far north but compared to the majority of the country, we are. I feel we’re the last to kick start spring. Even just last week it snowed!! I kid you not. It was a horribly twisted weekend because the following day it was 78 degrees and sunny. Oh New England you are cruel and twisted…but I still love you.

Finally… it’s my word of choice for this post because it’s taken so long to see more signs of spring. We’ll probably be robbed of a full summer or maybe a full fall. I don’t know but I’m thankful to finally be seeing color!

Daffodil progression:

Tulip and hyacinth progression:

If you’ve never planted bulbs before, do it. I highly recommend it. They’re practically a no brainer! Plant when instructed to and in the approrpiate season you get pretty blooms, hopefully. Sometimes you get a few duds. This is our first year with the tulips and hyacinths so we’ll see how they do. If I like ’em, I might just get some more!