To many that means one thing and one thing alone. However, to me that statement has a double meaning this year. Four years ago today, this precious little baby was born. Yes, she’s my patriotic baby. The curse of a holiday birthday. My dad even joked over patriotic names… Liberty? No. Nothing against those that choose theme names, but it wasn’t for us.

She was my baby. In a way she always will be. The first.

But now she’s growing and learning.

Changing through the years. And I know it’s only the beginning. But it’s just going way too fast. When did she go from being a teeny tiny baby in newborn clothes to soon starting preschool? I’m baffled. I’m excited for her and sad at the same time.

So today, while the country celebrates with fireworks, food, family and friends. We’ll be doing the same. Only we’re celebrating this sweet and totally crazy little girl first, and the country second.

Happy 4th birthday kiddo!