Mint Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

The perfect blend of two favorite ice cream flavors. Creamy homemade mint ice cream with chocolate cookie chunks throughout.

Creamy homemade mint ice cream with chocolate cookie chunks throughout. Recipe at

Moving furniture is for the birds. Okay, not literally because they only move twigs and random tiny options like worms and seeds, not actual furniture. Where did that saying even come from because it doesn’t make sense, but you know what I mean. Moving furniture is a pain in the you know what.

Here, we have a bulk pickup day multiple times throughout the year, where you can place additional larger items to the curb to be collected by the trash company. It always amazes me to watch people driving around picking through others trash. In most cases, it’s not trash. And in many cases it’s very obviously someone else’s treasure. But seriously, trucks drive around the entire week leading up to pickup day, hunting for goodies.

We bought a new living room set – yay! We’ve had our old one for twelve years so it was just time. You know how that is. Anyway… we planned it so we could put it out to the street before bulk pickup, full well knowing someone would likely take it. But the rough part was carrying it. Not once but twice. Because we took a break due to pending rain. Seriously, I know I’m whining here but jeez… furniture is heavy! I’m done carrying furniture for… ever. ;)

Creamy homemade mint ice cream with chocolate cookie chunks throughout. Recipe at

And while I’m busy complaining, I sure wish I still had a bowl of this crazy good ice cream lying around.

I’m a HUGE fan of mint ice cream. And of course cookie pieces. I love chocolate but I’d rather cookie pieces in my ice cream. They’re a little bit crunchy and kind of melt in your mouth at the same time, so obviously chocolate cookie pieces is the perfect compromise. And just for fun, it has to be green. I know it doesn’t have to for real, but when I think of mint ice cream, I picture green. So green it is! You can certainly omit that if you prefer, but I’d rather you didn’t.

And if you haven’t jumped on the homemade ice cream band wagon yet, what are you waiting for?! It’s the creamiest, most amazing stuff ever. Enjoy a bowl full of creamy homemade mint ice cream with chocolate cookie chunks throughout… it’s dreamy! Definitely add this to your recipe plans!

Creamy homemade mint ice cream with chocolate cookie chunks throughout. Recipe at

Mint Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Creamy homemade mint ice cream with chocolate cookie chunks throughout.
Prep Time15 mins
Total Time1 d
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Ice cream
Servings: 4 plus


  • 1 C whole milk
  • 2 C heavy cream divided
  • 3/4 C granulated sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 1/2 tsp mint extract
  • 5 large egg yolks
  • Green food coloring optional *See note
  • 1 1/2 C chocolate cookie pieces


  • To a clean medium bowl, add 1 cup heavy cream with a mesh strainer placed on top. Set aside.
  • In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine remaining 1 cup heavy cream, whole milk, salt, sugar and mint extract. Stir to dissolve sugar. Meanwhile, whisk eggs in a small bowl until smooth. When contents of saucepan begin to steam, slowly pour 1 cup warm liquid into egg yolks while continuously whisking. Add egg mixture to saucepan. Stir and continue cooking over medium heat until mixture coats the back of a wooden spoon or spatula. Pour mixture through mesh strainer into reserved heavy cream. Stir and cool over an ice bath.
  • If desired, tint custard base with green food coloring. *See note
  • Cover and chill mixture 4-6 hours or overnight. Custard must be thoroughly chilled before churning.
  • Churn according to manufacturer's directions. In the last 5-10 minutes of churning, slowly add cookie pieces.
  • Transfer ice cream to a freezer safe container. Freeze until solid, an additional 4-6 hours or until firm.


Recipe serves roughly 4-6, yields 1 quart.
Add desired amount of liquid or gel food coloring until desired shade is reached.
An original recipe from Baked by Rachel

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