I don’t make cookies often. Not because I don’t love them, because I really truly do love them oh so much. No… I don’t make them near enough for the simple fact that they disappear fast. Whether I’m eating them or not. They’re gone in what seems like a blink of an eye.

Case in point, I wasn’t even done taking pictures of these delightful cookies before a certain 3 year old had snatched one up from the handful set out. She giggled. Oh that cute devilish giggle and grin. She knew what she was doing, I’m certain of that. She most definitely is quite the trouble maker. If only you cold see the mess made the other day. My kitchen looked like St Patty’s day had exploded all over my floor and not at all in a good way, but what way could that even be good? The only remaining proof of the ‘incident’ are our feet. Good thing flip flop season is over here in New England.

Back to the cookies… they’re irresistible, soft pumpkin-y spiced cookies that are especially incredible to eat straight from the oven. I couldn’t help myself. So I guess I can’t blame 3 year old for snatching one up either. I love a good crisp gingersnap…which these most certainly are not… but these are second best with their cakey consistency and all around amazing flavor.

I’m sharing the recipe over at Carrie’s today, stop by to get it and show her some love. Plus she’s having an entire week of delicious pumpkin guest posts that you’ll definitely want to check out!