Over the last two weeks it seems the world is out to get us. We’ve been buried under more than 30 inches of snow. 20 of those inches we got in one storm.

So much snow it was hard to move in. Poor kiddo fell a lot! But she had a blast.

I’m usually not one to complain about snow and winter but it’s kind of ridiculous to get so much at once. I love New England, really I do. Of course if someone gave us the chance to move to say… Aruba or somewhere else tropical right now, I’d totally jump at it.

Oh and … it’s snowing again today.

What makes matters worse, beyond our being snowed in, is this same kiddo that was happily playing in the snow is now sick. She has a pretty spectacular case of viral pink eye. It’s not nearly as scary today as it was two days ago. Thankfully she’s getting better bit by bit even if other cold like symptoms that go along with this are lingering.

Growing up my Gramma use to give us presents when we were sick. She called them a happy sick. They don’t have to be expensive or anything crazy, just something to cheer up the sick kiddo. I happened upon a kids play tent on clearance at Target the other day and couldn’t resist. It’s a perfect ‘happy sick’. Seriously – $20 and it’s made pretty well!

They played and laughed and totally enjoyed the tent… even being sick. We’ve all enjoyed it, including the cats.

Yesterday we had a cute little visitor chirping away right outside of our living room window which brightened up our morning and had both girls squeeling with joy.

Due to the snow and sickness plaguing us lately I don’t have a new recipe to share today but still wanted to share some of what we’ve been up to and pictures to go along with it. I hope you don’t mind. Shooting for some new recipes next week! Stay tuned. And as always, if you have any requests, questions or just want to say hi – feel free to contact me via email, twitter or facebook . Have a great weekend!

Have you had any fun snow days lately? Do you have any traditions for when a kiddo is sick?