“What are little boys made of? Frogs and snails, and puppy dogs tails. That’s what little boys are made of! What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and all things nice. That’s what little girls are made of!”

In case you didn’t know… we’re having another baby! I’ve been sharing weekly fruit and veggie updates on twitter… because when you get beyond the first or even second baby, you don’t think about what’s going on in there anymore. Just compare the baby to some produce and call it a day. It’s been amusing. I’ve been less chatty about it here because I don’t want to bombard you with baby talk… until now!

If everything works out in my favor, just barely over a week from now we’ll find out if we’ll be adding another girl to our family or a little boy. *Fingers crossed baby cooperates* I hate surprises! I’m not saying one way or another on any guesses I have… or even the Mr for that matter. I will give you plenty of fun and totally random tidbits to help you make your own guess.

How am I carrying? I tend to carry low. BUT I personally believe this has more to do with how your own body is made up and does things vs if you’re having a boy or girl. Two girls so far and carry the same way.

Sickness: Besides some very light queasiness early on and on going morning lightheadedness – no sickness with any pregnancy… or at least until labor.

Food & Cravings: Pregnant or not, I randomly crave things but it’s never to the point of I absolutely must, have to have right now kind of thing. Something sounds tasty and I’ll eat it or not. Not a big deal if I can’t have it. I don’t send hubs to the store or drive out of my way to get something specific. Also, it’s never anything out of the ordinary. I love pickles and will gladly eat them as a snack straight from the jar… never with ice cream. I love sour candies, pickles, chips and other snacky items like that. My meat intake is the same as before. I do eat more salads for lunch, or at least recently. So salty, sour, meaty… yup yup yup love it all but I did before. Seriously, just ask the Mr. I also love apples and fruit juice. I can’t live without them, but again that’s totally normal for me too! So really nothing is new besides the amount of which I might eat certain things… like the pickles. I haven’t suddenly started eating fish or liking tomatoes. It’ll snow in July before I start liking tomatoes.

Fetal heartbeat: Supposedly 140+ means it’s a girl and under 140 means it’s a boy. I only have two to share so far. 168 via ultrasound and 135 via handheld doppler. Though I need to emphasize that the doppler was mostly performed by 3yo so I can’t gage how accurate that number is.

Chinese gender charts: I think it really depends on which you look at and how they determine their answers as some tell you to find your true age and others don’t BUT I went to 6 different charts with the results of 2:boy, 4:girl.

I didn’t do the drano test, ring or key test.

Regardless of if your guess is right or wrong, I’ll be choosing one person randomly next weekend to receive a surprise grab bag from Bake It Pretty. I have no idea what is in any of them besides an assortment of totally fun and random baking supplies… how could you not love that? I have several to give out over the course of the spring and summer months so be sure to keep checking in. I could give one away when you least expect it.

Play along and have fun with it! Only one guess per person. US residents only. All comments/guesses must include a valid email address.