Or at least my true signs of spring. Forget the groundhog, that’s a joke. Let’s even forget what the calendar says because let’s be real… even a date doesn’t mean it’s spring like weather or that it’ll be here soon. Nope. The real signs are bigger than both of those.

The real signs are (in my world):

-The start of the baseball season. Spring training kicked off in mid February but it was still big sign. An early one but an important one. It’s one many baseball fans look forward to all winter. Opening day can’t get here soon enough!

-Birds! Our cute chirping birds leave us when it gets cold… But they’re back!! Within the last month I’ve had multiple cardinal spottings in one of our trees. Today I even saw a boy and a girl cardinal! I only know that’s what I saw since I looked it up after my last siting. Boys are red and girls aren’t. They’re more of a tan color but look the same otherwise.

-Snow dwindling away. Some years this is much earlier than others but this year has been extra brutal so it’s taking a long time to get rid of the insane amount of snow we got. It’s melting though! I’d say we have less than 4 inches deep throughout the yard… not including any larger piles.

-Green grass!! The receding snow has made it possible to see the ground and what’s there is a wonderful site. Green! Not a ton of it, but it’s there!

-And possibly the best sign of all… The other morning I had a tweet from another New England blogger Nicole. The four words in that tweet set the tone for my day. I kid you not. “It’s WATTAMELON ROLL time!!!!!!!!!!!!!” What?! It’s too early. I’ve never seen one this early, ever! April maybe but never the beginning of March! If you don’t live in an area with a Friendly’s then you’re missing out. It’s a delicious half watermelon shape made of two kinds of sherbert and chocolate slices for seeds. Heaven in a box! It’s a seasonal thing so come spring I start stalking the ice cream aisle waiting for it. Gazing through the windows of Friendly’s products hoping to spot that brightly colored box.

After that tweet, and finding out that Nicole spotted them at a Shaws… I knew I’d start there first. Same company, but different location – still gave me a good chance. Plus, going to Shaws meant I could get a special shape of pasta no one else in the area sells – so it was a win win. And even more of a win win since my girls got to ride in a car shopping cart.

When I spotted those wonderful boxes my face may just have lit up like a kid… no wait… like me standing in a candy store. I grabbed my camera, it must be a blogger thing, and snapped a picture. That first sighting! IT’S SPRING! Wattamelon rolls are here!

I’m not sure why… I don’t have a good reason at all… but I still haven’t cut into it yet! My mission for the weekend is to do just that. I want and need to have at least one slice this weekend.

What are your favorite signs that spring is here?