There’s only one week left ’till Christmas! Are you freaking out yet? No seriously. I’m slightly terrified of going to the grocery store to even do normal shopping, forget Christmas dinner shopping! On the bright side I finished wrapping… or *cough* Santa did. ;) Or the elves… whoever does it anyway. Have you done meal shopping? What are you eating… whether you’re cooking it or not? I’d love some ideas. I’m thinking Thanksgiving style but scaled back a bit. Yeah… I’m slacking on this but I have no need for a huge turkey, even a frozen chicken shouldn’t take long to thaw. Plenty of time.

In case you missed it:
Cranberry molasses cookies – I guest posted over at In Katrina’s Kitchen this week and shared these awesome cookies for her super gigantic month long cookie party. If you’re stuck for last minute cookie ideas, be sure to stop by!

White chocolate peppermint bark cheesecake – This is a Cheesecake Factory inspired recipe. Does this post really need any words? Make it and save tons of room to enjoy dessert. You’ll be glad you did.

Cranberry orange pinwheels – These are light, tangy and just all around fun and perfect. If you make them, they might become a tradition for your family too! They’re that good.

Recipe love:
Gingerbread ice cream – Tracey’s Culinary Adventures – I did a silent squeal when I saw this in my reader. Because I love gingerbread and ice cream! Definitely making this sometime.

Sierra Mist mocktails – Chocolate and Carrots – I love cocktails but sometimes mocktails are necessary.

Cookies and cream cocktail – Simple Bites – If you want a super yummy and fun cocktail, this is a must. I love the cookie garnish! That part is an absolute must.

Baked eggnog French toast – Two Peas and Their Pod – I’m a huge fan of breakfast food and love the fact that this can be prepped the night before. This would be perfect for Christmas morning… or really anytime!

Chocolate peppermint patty cookies – Buns in my oven – I love peppermint patties almost as much as I love gingerbread… well, okay it’s probably a toss up depending on the moment. I can only imagine that these taste incredible. A peppermint patty IN a cookie?! Yes please.

My life:

This candle is torture and heaven in a jar. You need this. It smells incredible. I don’t usually splurge on candles but it jumped off the shelf and begged me to bring it home.

Our fatty pants squirrel is back. Of course there is no way of knowing for sure if it’s the same one. I wish they’d wear name tags so I’d know for sure. Yup ‘Bubba’ is back. And oh look there’s ‘Sally’. It’d be much easier.

I was up at the crack of dawn at least twice this week. I’m not a morning person. Being up and dresed before the sun is wrong, but I will admit it was nice to have complete silence for at least an hour before the kids were up.

I made this pizza. I love making homemade pizza. I’ve meant to make it a weekly Friday or Saturday thing but I sometimes forget. Lately it seems to be every other week at the most.

I also picked up these incredible rolls. I remember reading about them ages ago and finally picked up a bag. You toss them on the pan frozen and bake for 10 minutes. Then voila – deliciousness. Slice that baby in half and load it up with butter. Mmmm. They have other varieties too but I’ve only tried this one so far.

On a side note… I’ve been truly enjoying reading everyone’s favorite movies and scenes as well as what plans are ahead for the holiday.

That’s about it on this end… I hope you had a wonderful week!