It still feels weird typing or writing 2012. It especially feels weird saying January given that it’s 51 degrees outside as I’m typing this and I live in New England. Normal temps this time of year are well below that. I’m pretty sure at this point last year we were already buried in snow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed tight that we’re in the clear for an abundantly snowy winter.

I’m still working on getting my general kitchen mojo back, getting there though. I have a lot of ideas but just need to find the time to work on them. I actually considered getting up early one day this week to start cooking. Aliens probably took over my body recently because that’s not a normal thing for me to consider. I’d much rather sleep in as long as humanly possible. Sleep is good.

This week was full of getting back into the swing of things. Back to school. Back to cooking and even cleaning. I’d love to avoid the last one but it can only be forgotten for so long. Other notable moments this week; I met my nephew who is super cute and itty bitty. We had a belated Christmas gathering with some family, very enjoyable and low key. We also just watched Mr Popper’s Penguins. Have you seen it? It’s pretty cute and very predictable but aren’t most movies?

Speaking of watching something… was I the only one excited to have new episodes of favorite shows back this week? It seemed like forever. Maybe next year I’ll plan on up our Netflix plan for the month of December.

BTW that’s my cutie patootey up there. He’s my favorite centerpiece. :) I can hardly believe lil man will be 4 months old this week!

In case you missed it:
Spicy Italian focaccia – It’s airy, spicy and beyond addictive. I’m a carboholic and shouldn’t have been left anywhere near this as I somehow ate 3/4 of it myself. It’s that good.

Link love:
Cinnamon sugar focaccia sticks – How Sweet It Is – I love nearly anything cinnamon sugar related and I bet these would taste amazing dipped in fresh warm icing.
Better than crack brownies – Pass The Sushi – I haven’t met a brownie I didn’t like but these look insane, in a very good way.
Cherry vanilla layer cake – Sprinkle Bakes – Pretty and tasty? Yes please! Heather is super talented when it comes to making cute edibles.
Smokey roasted tomato soup – Not Rachael Ray – I have no issue talking about my dislike or hatred for tomatoes, but these looks so good and simple. Plus, I know there are so many who truly love tomatoes and thus probably tomato soup too so I couldn’t pass up sharing this with you.
Biscoff bark – In Katrina’s Kitchen – It’s the new crack. If you haven’t tried biscoff, you need to! And then you’ll need to make this.

Have a great week! :)