You wouldn’t know it’s February by looking outside. The only places that have snow are the edge of the road and the few spots that don’t see any sun at all. Such a drastic change from last winter.

This week we prepped for Valentine’s Day. Since our oldest is in preschool we’re getting to do the whole party thing for the first time. Being a first timer at this, the Valentine aisles are kind of daunting. Do you get something gender neutral or let them choose their favorite character? Do you skip that and get a sweet treat? What about the teachers? It all is so strange. I mean… it’s just Valentine’s Day but it feels so complicated.

Instead of going the traditional route, after seeing these on Pinterest I had to make them. I mean they’re just way too cute. I’ve seen them done before to revamp your own old broken crayons… throw them in a tin and bake away. But this is for gifting and in a totally cute way. They’re super easy to make. Check out Heather’s site for the details on how to make them.

Have you ever noticed how few yellow crayons you get in a box? It’s kind of crazy that in all of the crayons we unwrapped (nearly 170 give or take) we only had a handful of yellows!

I also saw the worlds largest pillow pet known to man. Yep. It’s huge.

Most importantly, I checked to see if our infant Red Sox hat fit lil man. Baseball season is right around the corner!

As I’m writing this and possibly even as you’re reading this, I’m still debating over what we’ll be eating while watching the Super Bowl. It’s just me and the kids this weekend, so we’ll be keeping the food basic.

If you happen to be in need of some last minute ideas, be sure to check this post out…. lots of buffalo chicken recipes, sweet treats, appetizers and more!

Link love:
Strawberry lime layer cake – Kitchen Simplicity – I love cake and of course frosting, but what I love even more is a pretty cake. The light colors and fun frosting technique make this cake a clear winner.
Sugar cookie bars – The Curvy Carrot – Cookie bars covered in frosting?! I’m in! Bonus that they’re super cute and dressed up for Valentine’s Day.
Asiago cheese bagels – How Sweet It Is – I love bread. I love bagels. I love cheese. This is an awesome combination. I’ve had a cheese bagel once before. Okay it was a bagel stick but it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. I’m positive a homemade version would be perfect.
Stovetop macaroni and cheese – Brown Eyed Baker – How can you say no to mac n cheese? There are always new recipes popping up for such a simple and comforting dish. I’m totally okay with that.
Cheddar, beer and mustard pull-apart bread – Smitten Kitchen – Here we go with the bread and cheese combo… clearly my brain (or stomach) were trying to tell me something this week. I am in love with this bread. I’ve been eyeing pull-apart breads for so long and have yet to make one. This may top them all!