As the title of this post suggests, we’re still without a name. We have a month or a bit more to go and haven’t made a decision. Okay let’s be real… we haven’t even discussed names! You see, with the girls we chose a name and for one reason or another changed it one or two more times before coming to the name. I didn’t want to go through that battle again this time so we agreed to wait until closer to the end. The problem I’m having now is that I feel I’m under pressure. We’re running out of time!

If we were having another girl, it’d have been so much easier. I had a huge list of girl names. After finding out that this future trouble maker is a boy I started a new list. I went through the alphabet over the course of a few days. I searched for any and all possibilties. They didn’t have to scream out at me. They just needed to at the very least be a maybe in my book. Well, the Mr nixed more than half of it. I’m still not sure if the name is on my current list. So here I sit going through the alphabet again. Frustrating is possibly putting it lightly. Everyone seems to be having boys right now and we’re all in agreement … boy names are SO much harder to pick than girls.

*Side note… the above picture isn’t from my current list of possibilities – they’re just random boy names that have been thrown out to me previously. Sorry to disappoint you if you thought you might be getting a sneak peak.

There are some doozies in the great list of names. Want some examples???

And yes these were all listed under ‘boy names’…

Ham – as in the food or as in you’re a ham? That statement bothers me – does it mean you’re chunky or that you’re funny?
Heman – and Shera?
Hannibal – need I say anything?
Elmo – seriously!
Moon-Unit – celebrities are weird

Help!! I’m looking for suggestions. Brilliant ideas. I can’t promise your suggestion will be what we end up with but maybe, just maybe it will help with my brainstorming. So pretty please, offer up some suggestions to get the juices flowing. We need a name.