I thought it’d be fun to have a post just sharing a bunch of totally random facts about myself. I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while. Shocking? At this point that really shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m not sure why I waited so long to do this but now seems like the right time. So here we go… 30 completely random facts you may or may not know about me.

1. I hate tomatoes. Loathe them actually. I want nothing to do with them… unless it’s a touch of ketchup. That’s totally different. Don’t argue with me.

2. My first concert was No Doubt freshman year of high school.

3. I’ve been to one nfl game and froze my butt off. One of the worst experiences ever.

4. I use to ride a motorcycle. In fact, I still have an M class license and I’ll keep renewing that even if I don’t expect to ever ride again.

5. I hate carnations. I consider them cheap bouquet filler like babies breath. They annoy me.

6. I love corn. Corn on the cob or kernels or even popcorn because that’s totally corn, right? :) All of those drenched in butter. Heaven.

7. I have a hamster cemetery in my parents backyard.

8. I broke my wrist dancing in a store aisle when I was little. Oh and then I managed to somehow spill orange juice down my cast. Smart.

9. Not a fan of seafood. It’s a texture thing. But I’m still curious to try lobster or crab one of these days… drenched in butter of course. It’s the only way, right?


10. The one room in our house we didn’t want to paint after moving in we ended up having to paint because I managed to somehow get hair dye on the walls. Oy… The makeover turned out awesome though so it was a blessing in disguise.

11. I love strawberry charleston chews. But not frozen. I don’t understand the desire to eat frozen candy bars. Room temp. Not mushy.

12. I love New England but hate the winter… especially this past winter. Okay this spring hasn’t been much better but in a totally different way (up and down with the temps – ridiculous!)

13. I played field hockey for a year in high school. Loved it but found the team too cliquey and hated the coaches so I didn’t go back the next year.

14. My dream car is an Audi R8 *drool* Isn’t it purdy?

15. I was a majorette for most of elementary school (ie twirled baton) and still have them all in a case somewhere at my parents house.

16. I still haven’t had my wedding dress cleaned… nearly 7 years later. I should probably get on that huh?

17. I love volleyball but can’t serve overhand well.

18. I don’t tan well at all. Hubs makes fun of me for that. I can’t help it. I use to go tanning and it was awesome and relaxing but obviously bad for you and gets expensive so I don’t go anymore.

19. I want to move to Naples, FL. I’ve only been there once but it was gorgeous! That’s a boutique style shopping area on the water. Loved it.

20. I have an obsession with apple pie. It’s a serious problem. In fact… I made several apple pies before Thanksgiving last year. One of which I ate completely by myself.

21. I love jelly donuts but only from Dunkin Donuts. Other donuts don’t compare. Oh and don’t get me started on baked donuts… or doughnuts depending on who you talk to.

22. I hate cream cheese. I’ll use it in recipes for other people to enjoy but won’t ever eat it myself unless it’s to taste test the batter.

23. I had the absolute worst 6th grade picture. Bad hair and braces. No… I will not be sharing that picture.

24. I sometimes sleep with an eye mask. Okay correction… I sleep with an eye mask basically every morning now that it’s bright out. I like it pitch black to sleep – like hotel room pitch black. Ahhh so nice. I need black out drapes. I’m not kidding.

25. I met Tim McGraw. Nuff said.

26. I gave myself poison ivy when I was little. Yes – gave myself poison ivy! Grabbed a leaf and rubbed it all over my arms. It spread bad.

27. One day when I was little (earlier than school age) my mom was taking a nap and I decided it’d be a neat idea to cut my hair. Maybe my own experience is why I haven’t given our oldest kid scissors to use yet.

28. I love pizza but eat it without sauce. See fact #1. The only exception is when I make bbq chicken pizza because the sauce is bbq sauce and that’s totally acceptable.

29. Got to meet and shake hands with Obama at a pre-election rally in NH. He even tickled our oldest daughters belly (she was 15 months at the time).

30. I love bowling but can’t do the whole walk and bowl bit. I walk up to the line, stop and then roll the ball.

**What do you want to know about me… or my cooking, food preferences, etc? Feel free to share questions for me in the comments section or email them to me at rachel@bakedbyrachel.com I’ll be compiling a list to answer down the road.**