Who doesn’t love bacon? Seriously. If you said ‘not me’, you’re in denial. Seek professional help immediately.

The problem with bacon… Wait… there’s a problem with bacon?! Yes. The problem is that it is a royal pain to cook. Even with a splatter screen, if you should be so wise to use one, it still doesn’t elliminate the oh so common grease splatter issue. I hate a grease splattered stove. Dots of mess everywhere. It means something yummy is cooking but it also means something else for me to clean up later.

The other problem is you never can be quite sure when the right time is to remove the bacon from your pan. If you take it out too soon you run the risk of it being under cooked and not totally appetizing. If you take it out too late you may just want to toss it in the trash because overcooked bacon is awful. Okay, maybe not to everyone. Some people, as strange as this sounds to me, really enjoy overcooked bacon.

So, is there a less messy and almost fool proof method to cooking bacon? Yes! Baked bacon. A friend turned me on to this method. She mentioned it once and then I looked into how people suggested doing it. It’s really quite simple and gives you amazing results.

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Baked Bacon


  • jelly roll pan or cookie sheet with sides
  • cooling rack
  • bacon


  • Preheat your oven to 400. Place cooling rack on your pan. You can place foil on your pan to help catch the grease but I have found that doesn't completely do the job so I just go without now. If you have a super wide roll, so you'd only need a single piece to cover your pan and crimp the edges, foil may work. Lay bacon on your cooling rack. Bake for 16-20 minutes. I usually take them out around the 18 minute mark but you want to start checking early, which is why I said 15-20, because bacon can quickly go from good to overcooked. Cool and degrease on paper towels. Eat whole, cut up for a casserole or salad.
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Course: Breakfast
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