I love to share my favorite products. I have so many of them. There are plenty of kitchen gadgets I could rave over, or even non kitchen gadgets. Unfortunately this is not a raving post unless we’re talking raving mad… annoyed, etc. Believe me, I’m not nearly as annoyed and mad or shocked as I was when this incident took place but I’m still annoyed none the less.

You see… early in the month I was making dinner one night, not completely unusual… cutting cheese by hand for baked mac n cheese. I could have just as easily pulled out the food processor and shredded the cheese that way, but I didn’t want to dirty more items than need be so I cut the cheese into small blocks by hand. Half way through the block *snap*! No I’m not even remotely kidding. My knife literally snapped in half. Thankfully I was mostly unharmed outside of a sore hand the next day. No lacerations or anything serious. But really… a snapped knife?! How in the world??? It’s not like I let my knives sit soaking in a solvent meant to eat away at stainless steel. They might not always get washed they day I use them but this should never happen. And it’s not like this cheese was a brick. I mean it’s cheese! How hard can cheese really be? Okay, clearly hard enough to snap what seemed like a perfectly good knife in half. I’m obviously being a bit sarcastic here people… I mean we ARE talking cheese!

I shared this picture on facebook, even getting a response that this happened to someone else with the exact same knife! Uhm helloooo Furi there’s a problem here.

I then took to twitter attempting to direct the tweet at Furi but sadly no they do not appear to have entered the world of social media. Instead, I directed it at both Rachael Ray and the Food Network merely hoping to even get some kind of a response out of them… maybe contact information or something helpful. You see… the reason for the above is that Rachael Ray has her name on these knives which also means the Food Network promotes them since she’s one of their ‘stars’. Okay that last part is debatable but let’s not go there. I liked the knives for the grip not who had their name on them or was promoting them, period. Did I get a single response from either party? Nope.

Okay let’s try email. After much searching I found a US email address for Furi. THREE weeks later and still no response. Okay, I was going to give up but then decided I’d give it a shot and forward the original message to the Australian end of the company… the email got bounced back!!

So much for that limited lifetime warranty – which by the way is listed as 25 years. So I got screwed out of at least 20 years.

I in no way claim these are top of the line knives but they still shouldn’t snap in half like this one did. I’m honestly kind of appalled and saddened that companies are out there claiming to have product warranties and don’t even bother responding to consumers when they have an issue.

Why am I bothering to write a post about this? Because I’m annoyed, yes! But because it’s clear this company doesn’t care about their customers or about having a good product that holds up to regular use. I don’t want you to end up in this stinky situation that I have ended up in. I’ve surely used the knives plenty to justify the money spent on them but that’s still no consolation to the empty spot in my knife block.

Oh and on a side note, when researching replacement knives I read one particular article that had both top brand knives and celebrity chef knives being tested. The celebrity chef knives were in the bottom rankings. A little food for thought.

So… buyer beware. Always buy from a reputable company that everyone swears by. Furi is absolutely NOT one of them.