Egg carton mini cupcakes! A cute way to gift or transport mini cupcakes!

Spring weather in New England has officially hit. And by Spring weather I most definitely mean cold rainy days. People have been joking lately, not just in New England, but all across the north about the pending Easter egg hunts. Will the snow be gone in time for outdoor Easter egg hunts? I only remember one year when we did that outside. Normally it’s not warm enough, especially if Easter is early in the season. This year it’s at least at the end of April so maybe we’ll get lucky and see some sun and a chance at warmer temperatures.

I do definitely envy other areas of the country when I’m itching for sun and colorful flowers! Not sure I’d be willing to trade come Summer or Fall though, but for Spring… totally! Bring on the warm sunny days!

When I get together with family or friends, I really enjoy bringing dessert. Whether it be a big full size cheesecake, cookies or cupcakes, dessert is always my preference for what to bring to the festivities. Everyone likes dessert… even if you don’t save room for it. One can always make room for dessert. Right? Which is why we should totally just start eating dessert first. But that’s an issue for another day.

I like bite sized treats. In case you hadn’t already figured that out, but they’re not always ideal to travel with, gift or bring to parties… until now!

The perfect solution… an egg carton! Make sure it’s clean! Previously used is fine in most cases. But if you prefer, clean-unused cardboard egg cartons can be purchased from a variety of online shops. And yes, it needs to be cardboard, not plastic. Even though plastic would sure be easier to clean, they’re not as ideal for packaging up cute mini cupcakes because of the additional flip top that would squish pretty frosting designs.

So, next time you want to gift a dozen cupcakes or bring a cute package of cupcakes to a party… package them up in an egg carton. Tie it with a bow and a cute personalized tag!

Remember, many full size recipes can be easily converted to mini recipes. One full size cupcake will make roughly three mini cupcakes. Mini cupcakes should be baked for approximately 12-15 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. Timing will vary slightly with each recipe and amount of batter used so be sure to test your cupcakes a few minutes before you think they might be done!

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