Horizon Organic Mac and Cheese, plus Spring activities

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Spring has finally hit New England. We’ve managed to be outside for four or five days straight. Our snow piles have finally (nearly) vanished. We do still have a few small piles, tucked away in shady spots that will inevitably take a bit longer to melt. But with Spring and it’s gorgeous weather comes traditions. Getting outside and making memories.

Growing up, we didn’t have the luxuries kids today have… iPads, computers and game consoles with ample games built in to choose from. When we wanted to have fun, we had to make it.

Here are a few of our favorite Spring activities:

As a kid, on rainy days, I’d build forts in the dining room. I’d completely transform the table and create a little hideaway for myself. Unfortunately our table now isn’t as versatile as mine growing up. But, that shouldn’t stop us from creating forts. Blankets and spare sheets tossed over chairs to create a giant hideaway space. Pillows, lanterns and toys added to the new play zone. I’ve even purchased inexpensive tents when on sale that can easily be used indoors. A perfect way to play, imagine and make memories when we can’t get outside.

When the rain has passed… there are always puddles. And with puddles there’s always jumping. A childhood must. No child should grow up without having ever splashed in puddles. I encourage it… so long as they’re not on the way to school. I have my limits.

Every Spring we load up on new bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Another big must.

The bikes are dusted off (not literally… that’d be weird) and finally taken for a spin again.

But beyond that, it’s time to enjoy nature again. Continue feeding the birds and seeing which are back for the season, or still here. Keeping an eye out for nests. Planting seeds and watching them grow. Both are things I did growing up. I knew it was a must for my own kids. We love watching the nature in our backyard.

It’s the simple things that are often the best. Just getting outside and enjoying the weather and each other. Making memories doing something and sometimes nothing at all.

What are your favorite Spring activities and traditions?

But after all of that playing, it’s time to eat. Active bodies need fuel and kids are definitely super active. I always like to have some quick fixes on hand for the times we want to spend more time playing and less time in the kitchen. That’s how it should be! Horizon organic mac and cheese is a great example of a delicious and quick meal kids love. And, I love it because it’s made with real cheese and has zero preservatives. Huge bonus, I can pronounce everything on the side of the box. Basic ingredients from a brand I can trust.

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This conversation is sponsored by Horizon. The opinions and text are all mine.