From week one of our Pioneer Woman adventure, jokes have been flying about our love for Mexican food. We swore off fried recipes after the first week, somehow none of us got that message. Splattered covered stovetops and delicious dinners joined us together. So, when Julie asked me to do a guest post while she moved into her new home, it only seemed right to do a fried Mexican recipe.

I’d never eaten a churro before this week. And I can tell you with absolute certainty that I’ll be eating them again. Over and over and over… They’re beyond easy to make. Cross my heart – super duper crazy easy. If you can make cookies or cupcakes, you can make these.

I know some people have a fear of frying. I promise it’s easy and not to be feared. You don’t even need a special machine. I had a deep fryer but eventually tossed it because it became ridiculous to clean. Maybe you don’t know how I feel about scrubbing dishes. Scrubbing a deep fryer is even lower on my list of likes. I’d rather do laundry than scrub a deep fryer ever again.

My new and favorite method of frying is in my French oven but any deep pan will work. Additional items to make this adventure easier: a candy thermometer, a piping bag or large plastic bag and a large star tip.

The dough comes together surprisingly quick, then it’s cooled and added to your bag for piping. Dough is fried in very hot oil. I kind of get a kick out of watching things bubble and turn golden brown. I get this weird satisfaction out of it. And it’s kind of exciting too knowing what you’re making is going to have a super crisp exterior with a warm soft center.

Finish off these bad boys with a cinnamon sugar mixture and dip in warm chocolate.

I think I need another. Or ten.

Hop on over to Julie’s for the complete recipe! You know you want to. ;)