I made some total cheater cupcakes. That doesn’t stop them from being super yummy and cute. It’s completely acceptable to make box mix cupcakes with jar frosting every so often. There is no shame in doing  so. I’ll admit it’s just easier and less time consuming but there is also something to be said about making something from scratch. That’s for another day though. A few of this batch were bird’s nests and the others were just a typical foofy variety with sprinkles. Mmm I want one, don’t you?

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend doing whatever it is you are choosing to do. We’re being blessed with some delightfully warm and sunny weather in New England right now after having had some awful rainy weather which lead to pretty widespread flooding. So, we have every intention of soaking up as much of the warm temps and sun while it lasts… and of course eating a cupcake or two!