Not too long ago I finally caved and joined Pinterest aka the biggest time waster ever. But it’s a place full of inspiration, so it’s totally okay. Within the last few weeks I spotted a picture of green onions from Homemade Serenity. You’re probably thinking, why on earth would a picture of green onions catch my eye – right? She gave an awesome tip that for whatever reason I never thought of.

The next time you buy or pull green onions from your garden – don’t throw away the  bottom bulb portion. Cut off what you need for your recipe, dinner, etc then toss the bulbs into a glass with a bit of water. They’ll begin to grow and give you new green onions to use!

I wasn’t totally sold on it so I had to try it out. I happened to see this just before making another batch of amazing stuffed pork wontons, which also happened to be just before we lost power due to snowtober (as the media and twitter hashtag was calling it). Seriously, just before power went out I finally finished making them all. It was a bit nerve wracking wondering if I’d get a warm meal made before it finally went out for good.

Day 2:

Day 6:

Day 12:

My 4 year old was excited to see them grow. She kept saying “the salad is growing!”

Another tip I came across was to chop up your green onions and freeze the extras. Which I’m totally trying as I type this. I’m again not totally sold on that idea. I’m wondering if freezing will ruin them. I guess only time will tell! If you’ve tried the freezing method, let me know what you think… just as good as fresh or not worth the hassle?

So the journey begins again…

(And if you’re a time waster like me (and so many others) feel free to follow my boards and pin whatever you love from here as well!)

**Updated to add: changing out the water every other day is a great idea. Some have even found that they prefer planting their onions in a small pot of dirt or regrowing outside, especially helpful if you’re sensitive to onion smells.