We’re getting down to the wire here. Little guy will soon be making his arrival, making our family of four a family of five! When of course is another story and at this point completely out of my control. I can only take wild guesses based on past experiences but even that may not help in making an accurate prediction. I’m eager to meet him. Eager for the next journey. And of course, very eager for this to be over. I am so over being pregnant.

I had you play along guessing if we’d be expecting a little boy or girl many months ago. It only seems fitting to let you guess something else. So, are you ready for another guessing game?

What are we guessing this time? Well, rather… you, I’m not playing along. That wouldn’t be fair. I want you to win. If I won, you wouldn’t get one of those fun little surprise goodie bags from Bake It Pretty… yes I still have a handful and I want you to have one.

So back to the game… **Guess the exact date little guy will be born and his weight (and even length if you so desire).**

Some added info that may or may not help in your guessing process:

  • My due date is Sept 14
  • I had both girls in the 38th week
  • Weights were 7.11 and 8.6
  • If you want even more info on how things are progressing, follow me on twitter as I’m sure to post an update after reach appointment from here on out.

There’s no harm in playing along. But pretty please, with sugar on top… be nice with your guesses. The larger the guess, the more I cringe and the quicker you get put on the naughty list for Christmas…I have connections. Don’t tempt me to call in a favor to the big guy. ;)

How do you win? Have an exact match on the date and be the closest match to his weight. IF there is a tie, the first person to have guessed it wins. It’s that simple. This obviously is on going until he is born but please only one guess per person. Regular comments along the way are welcome, but only one actual guess. And the sooner you submit a guess the better your chances are in a way because remember… the first right answer wins.

I will contact the winner via e-mail, so make sure you include a valid email address in the entry/comment fields. Winner needs to respond within 48 hours or the next closest weight guess with the right date will then be contacted.

And for those of you wondering… No we still haven’t agreed on a name. I’m sure there will be some compromising when the time comes. Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions and advice.