Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies from bakedbyrachel.com

The other morning I was making a batch of cookies, yep… first thing in the morning. Does that really surprise you? And my oldest asked what kind. So I told her oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. She got so excited and declared that they’re Santa’s favorite. According to a book of letters to Mrs Claus, oatmeal are his favorite, closely followed by chocolate chip. I’m not sure what else is on the list, but I sure am glad that these are Santa, kid and mom approved!

Seriously, your entire family with love them. They can be as crunchy or soft as you like. Leftovers can be crisp or warm and tender. Whatever you desire. And of course you can also change up the add-in. I really wanted to add dried cranberries but my kids weren’t having that so we kept it simple this time with chocolate chips, but I promise that cranberries go extremely well with chocolate.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies from bakedbyrachel.com

The awesome thing about these cookies (besides of course how perfect they are, full of flexibility and are Santa’s favorite) is that they’re quick! They mix up in minutes and require zero chill time! You can be enjoying these in 30 minutes, give or take. Given that it’s days from Christmas, you really want and need super easy cookies for your last minute plans. Maybe you forgot what to make for a party, need a cookie out for guests OR even more importantly… need a cookie to leave out for Santa. Well these are the ones you want.

So head on over to Katrina’s because I’m sharing the recipe over there today!

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