It’s hard to believe four months have passed already. We started this journey together in April, not totally expecting what was coming our way. How our pants aren’t busting at the seams is beyond me. Kitchens were splattered in grease and fried recipes were sworn off from that point on… which by the way, totally didn’t last long at all! We went through this together, even if miles apart. We laughed, cringed, questioned and thoroughly enjoyed almost every bite.

I wish I’d been keeping track of the amount of cheese, bacon, cream and butter we used. Maybe it’s better that I don’t have those totals. We’d be disgusted and you’d probably be scared off. Right?

Some tidbits:
-We clearly loved our chicken; 4 out of 9 recipes called for it.
-Savory recipes won, with 7 out of 9 being savory.
-6 out of 9 recipes called for cheese with an easy estimate of 9 cups or more…and that’s probably low balling it.

I really enjoyed this series, mostly for the fun of it and getting to know the other girls better. And don’t get me wrong… the food was good too. The good thing about the recipes made is they can easily be adjusted to suit you… feed a crowd, cut it way back to feed a normal sized family or even adjust to make healthier.

Where did each recipe rank? Let’s start at the bottom of the list. No jumping ahead, k?

(PS links to the recipes can be found by visiting each post.)

#9 Honey Orange Soy Chicken – I’m just not a sweet/savory girl. What can I say? If you love sweet/savory dishes, this is totally for you though.

#8 Mushroom Sliders with Spicy Fry Sauce – I love sliders but there was something off about the flavor here. Plus, I had the absolute worst time making these. RIP OXO spatula. The only redeeming part of this dish, for me, was the onion rings. Hubs totally loved the spicy fry sauce though.

#7 Italian Cream Cupcakes – These had definite potential, with some tweaking they could totally move up the list.

#6 Carnitas Pizza – I love pizza. I’d have loved this more if I had remembered to leave half without sauce! So it’s not really the recipes fault. Plus, I just loved others so much more.

#5 White Chicken Enchiladas – Chicken and cheesy goodness. My only gripe is that in the future I’d want soft veggies or smaller pieces. Totally tweak-able.

#4 Ranch Style Chicken – Full of flavor and seriously easy. Plus this can be eaten as is, in a salad or as a sandwich. If you don’t want to grill your chicken, bake or pan fry it! A total winner in my book.

#3 Orange Sweet Rolls – These are similar to one of my favorite Christmas rolls, they’re just smaller but still full of awesome gooey orange flavor.

#2 Breakfast Pizza – I LOVED this pizza and it was seriously close to being a tie for first. This had some of my absolute favorites… cheese, potatoes and bacon. How can you possibly go wrong there? It’s heaven in pizza form. No joke. My only gripe… it’s super heavy and takes some time to make but it’s completely and utterly worth it. Make this. Trust me. I’ll be making this again sometime soon.

Annnnd that leaves us with my absolute favorite of the PW series.

Drum roll please…

#1 Fried Chicken Tacos – Amazing. Insane. Gooey. Hot. Greasy but not (just trust me). Chicken. Cheesy. Incredible. Oh and btw… I’ve totally made this again since April. That says something for sure. Do not fear the frying… make these. Love these.

PS. When I questioned The Mr about his favorites from the series, he agreed… a near tie for the tacos and breakfast pizza.

What was your favorite recipe from the series? 

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Stay tuned for exciting news from us in the coming months! ;)