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Hersheys Chocolate Spreads at bakedbyrachel.com #spreadpossibilities #hersheys

This post is brought to you on behalf of Hershey’s chocolate spreads.

Can we talk snacking for a minute? I love snacks and thus snack time. You know, that special time between meals when you really don’t need to eat anything but you eat something (or many things) anyway, it’s kind of great. Don’t you agree? The possibilities are practically endless. Breakfast foods – snackable. Lunch foods – snackable. Dessert foods – definitely snackable. So basically, snack time is that time when you can eat anything and everything that you want. Of course, we should do that all of the time, within reason I suppose. Never eat bad boring food! Life is definitely too short for that. I think it’s time to kick up snack time with something super tasty. Chocolate. No, not just any chocolate…

Hersheys Chocolate Spreads at bakedbyrachel.com #spreadpossibilities #hersheys

There’s a new spread in town. And it is amazing. It brings a whole new world of snacking possibilities. Recently Hershey’s sent me a package with their new line of Hershey’s chocolate spreads and an array of pairing possibilities from pretzels to banana chips, granola bars and much more. Let me tell you, these chocolate spreads are seriously tempting and very hard to resist. I love chocolate, but spreadable chocolate is dangerous in a truly awesome way. I’m in love.

Hersheys Chocolate Spreads at bakedbyrachel.com #spreadpossibilities #hersheys

I almost couldn’t choose which I like best… classic chocolate spread? Almond chocolate spread? Or the hazelnut chocolate spread? I love them all.

This was quite possibly my favorite snack time in recent history. Look at the possibilities! I had so much fun putting this together and digging in. I haven’t had a granola bar in years. No, I’m not kidding. I was in heaven. It was like a long lost friend I’d reunited with. Dipped in chocolate and it’s clearly one thousand times better. I kept bouncing back and forth between sweet and salty foods to dip. I was in a taste test battle. I’m still undecided on if I’m a sweet or salty person. Can I be both, pretty please? That would be the best. I’m not sure if that’s too much to ask. Options are good. By the way, a spoon is totally an acceptable chocolate pairing item if you ask me. I’m sure, or at least I really hope, you totally agree.

Hersheys Chocolate Spreads at bakedbyrachel.com #spreadpossibilities #hersheys

I only wish I had an apple to dip, because I would have. It’s shocking I was out. I promise I won’t be in the future. Next time… Now, excuse me while I grab a spoon and finish snacking.

What would you most want to dip first? Do you have a favorite chocolate pairing?

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for my time. As always, all opinions are completely my own.

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