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Ever since having kids it’s been super important that we have a morning routine, and even more so once my oldest daughter started school. It’s just me and the kids most mornings, so any way I can make our morning go a little smoother makes all the difference in the world.

I imagine without a routine, we’d be running around in a panic. You know the kind I’m talking about, those moments you forget to set your alarm and wake up minutes before you’re supposed to be out the door. Or those times you repeatedly hit the snooze button to again only be startled when you see what time it is. Oops. Yeah, I definitely don’t want to deal with that and three kids. So we have a routine.

When we’re finally downstairs, it’s time for the fun stuff – the food and the music of course! At this point the Mr will be done with his workout soon so the coffee maker is on and ready to brew. The kids are having their breakfast and the music of the day is blasting away. It’s essential we have music playing. It’s not only just plain fun, but it gets us moving. And quite frankly, if music isn’t playing – my kids request it. “Momma, it’s too quiet in here.” And on the music goes! I’m glad they love music as much as I do. A life without music would be boring.

Once our food is eventually gone (because I swear some mornings the kids take forever to eat a bowl of cereal), we have some play time before catching the bus. Somedays the kids are so into the music that I might even catch them dancing around. It’s really cute and fun to watch. And yes, many times the Mr and I are asked to dance with them. I wouldn’t expect anything different from these kids.

The morning is also my time to start making lists, planning recipes and doing my normal blog work routine. There’s a routine for everything in this house!

Is there a better way to start your day than with laughter, coffee and music? I doubt it.

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