I’m always looking for new pizza ideas. I don’t mind repeating the same toppings over and over. I mean we all have a favorite for a reason, right? But sometimes it’s nice to try something different, whether it be a new crust, topping or even a new method of cooking.

I had seen rumblings about grilled pizza here and there but wasn’t quite sure how one could easily accomplish such a task. I feared plopping moist dough on the grill and it falling through the grates. Or maybe the dough would get stuck. I didn’t want to chance any serious messes with the grill. Cleaning an oven is one thing but cleaning a grill could be a major task, one that I was absolutely not up to.

Then thankfully I came across Naan. It’s basically a flatbread of sorts. You can easily find it in any regular grocery store or even wholesale stores such as BJ’s. I know because I saw it there when I was considering doing pizzas for a birthday party. I ended up passing on that idea. We’ve now grilled twice, the first time we used garlic Naan. It was good but the garlic really overpowered the taste of the rest of the pizza. I didn’t hate it though. I think traditional is best in most cases. It allows you to enjoy the flavors you are adding to the pizza.

The great thing about Naan is it’s easy to work with and ready to cook. Just open the package and go, similar in that way to Boboli or other premade crusts. The downside is it does seem to go bad fast. We actually attemped to grill pizza even earlier than the first time but the Naan had gone bad. Moldy! Ugh. I partly blame summer but I honestly don’t remember if it was a super hot or humid that particular week.

It’s nice for a change and definitely easy for anyone to prepare and cook. I’m not really a fan of using the grill but this is so simple it allowed me to learn to not be such a wuss with the grill. I use the oven all of the time so what’s the deal… maybe the fact that there is gas attached and it could explode? Okay maybe it wouldn’t do that. I’m probably just being dramatic but I have a long history of seeing issues with grilling…  I’ve seen starters go and lighters needing to be used to start the darn thing. And of course, as my family could tell you… it was an interesting childhood watching my dad grill (Hi Dad). It’s still entertaining to watch but he’s a good sport.

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Grilled Naan Pizza

Yield: 2


  • Naan
  • olive oil
  • sauce
  • cheese
  • toppings


  • Heat your grill to 500F° to burn off any residue from previous grillings. Reduce burners to medium heat. You'll want the temperature to be roughly around 350F°. An exact temperature isn't necessary. Using a silicone or bristled pastry or grilling brush, lightly coat each side of the naan with olive oil. Carefully transfer each piece to the grill. Three, maybe four, pieces could easily fit in a standard grill. Close the lid.
  • Let the naan cook for several minutes. Gently lift up one corner to peak and see if the naan has grill marks. If it does, flip it. Let the naan cook for one minute with the lid closed. Then top as desired. Keep the lid closed until the cheese is melted.
  • Slice and serve warm.
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Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keywords: Cheese, Pizza