Are you still trying to decide what to make with that delicious golden bird? I know some people have things pinned down weeks, maybe even months ahead. That’s probably a small percentage of us though, right? I almost always debate over something up until the last minute. I keep wondering if I should add something else. Are there enough varieties or maybe there just isn’t quite enough in general. I’m like this in all areas of my life too. I’m ridiculously indecisive.

For example: I’ve got to get lil man a stocking! The debate first starts with – do I get one with the same backing color as his sisters or does that even matter? You see, the girls stockings match. That would lead me to think his should be the same too but then it’s the debate over what the front picture should be. It’s horrible. I don’t know how I got this way. I need someone to blame. And yes I know that isn’t a food related debate but that just goes to show that I’m well rounded in my indecisiveness.

Anyway… When I was pulling this list together I realized how much I need to work on more non dessert options for next year to share! I can’t help but be drawn to the desserts first. If I could, I’d make Thanksgiving all about the sides and desserts. Forget the bird. It’s really not necessary. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, corn, cranberry sauce – yup that’s where it’s at. Plus cider. And let’s not forget the desserts. Can we please just start our meals with the desserts? Fill up on that instead? Don’t get me wrong, the sides make me happy but the desserts really make me or rather my belly and taste buds oh so very happy.

Should you choose to make any of the following, I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Clover rolls Super easy! A perfect roll for any holiday.

Garlic knots Surprisingly easy to make, super light and full of flavor!

Buttermilk cornbread Perfect on it’s own or used with your favorite homemade stuffing.

Classic homemade bread stuffing Tastes as good if not better than the bag and boxed variety!

Desserts – Pies & Cheesecakes:

Jamaican spiced pumpkin pie A fun twist on the classic pumpkin pie

Pumpkin cheesecake Just yesterday my brother said this is better than The Cheesecake Factory’s pumpkin cheesecake. I kid you not.

Apple pecan cheesecake A nice mix of apple pie and cheesecake!

Apple crisp I made at least five of this just this season. It’s that good. I’m obsessed.

German Apple pie This is my go to apple pie. I’ve been known to make a whole pie for just me. Yep. That good. I swear. Make it and you’ll agree.

Apple crumb pie I love apple pie. All kinds. The crumb topping on this is the best. Crumb topping is always good. Are you nodding with me? You should be.

Desserts – Cookies etc:

Cranberry-Orange Pinwheels I typically make these for Christmas but they would be perfect for Thanksgiving too!

Pecan pie cookies An easy cookie version of the pie. Easier is sometimes so much better.

Apple cranberry squares Tart, delicious and so much easier than pie!

Pecan cherry thumbprint cookies Thanksgiving needs thumbprint cookies too!! Each cookie has a hidden surprise.

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies If you love oatmeal cookies, this is a fun seasonal version.

Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle I totally wish I had some of this right now. I can practically taste it from memory. Torture!

Have a happy, safe and delicious Thanksgiving! :)