Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe -

Okay, so these smoothies. They’re thick, delicious and only three ingredients! THREE! Bananas, strawberries and yogurt blended together. Does it get any easier than that? I think not. Well, besides buying a smoothie but it’s not anywhere as quick or cheap! The first time I made something similar, it was way too banana-y (totally a word, just go with it) for my liking. I don’t mind bananas, but I really wanted the strawberries to stand out… because strawberries are delicious and awesome. In this version, you get more strawberry with a hint of banana. It’s still there, just not screaming at you. I like that.

We’ve really enjoyed whipping up fruity concoctions over the last few weeks. My kids have especially enjoyed it. Like me, they love their fruit. I’m still hesitant to add veggies to my smoothies. The whole green (or sometimes brown-ish) drink thing going on just isn’t my style. If I see it or know it’s in there, I’m less likely to try it. I’m such a kid. However, if I don’t know it’s in there and it’s not a funky color, I’m totally okay with trying it. Surprise me and make me like something with hidden veggies. I dare you. Okay maybe not because then someone is bound to try to trick me into eating tomatoes and that goes against everything I believe in. Only half joking. ;)

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe -

On a totally different subject, why do kids seem to grow up so fast? I’ve adjusted well to our oldest going to school. She’s in kindergarten now so we’ve had plenty of time to get use to it, especially since she went to school last year too. Only now I have a bigger adjustment, or so it feels. Next Fall, two kids will be in school. TWO. How is that even possible?  I mean I can do the math and get that part but it just doesn’t seem time. Our youngest daughter, the wild middle child (is that just standard for the middle child btw?) is totally excited to ride the bus and to go school like her big sis. I’m excited for her but it’ll be a sad day too. They need to slow down a bit. My babies are growing up too fast!

Now I need to go make an adult smoothie to drown my sorrows and stress in… ;)

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe -

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Total Time: 5 minutes
Yield: 2
A simple and delicious strawberry banana smoothie, requiring only three ingredients.


  • 1 Banana, peeled
  • 2 C frozen strawberries
  • 12 oz strawberry yogurt


  • Blend all ingredients until smooth. Serve immediately or chill.


An original recipe from Baked by Rachel
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
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