54 Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday from bakedbyrachel.com

It’s hard to believe it was a week ago I was sitting back cheering on the Patriots who fell so short in one of the most important games of the year watching something that has completely slipped my mind. Clearly it wasn’t that important or monumental. I totally thought it was the Golden Globes but that was apparently two weeks ago. So somehow I lost an entire week of my life. Perhaps my brain partially froze during the deep chill temps. Totally possible. In any case… I have no idea who is going to the super bowl this year. No idea … well, besides the Ravens since they beat out the Patriots and since the Patriots are the home town (or home region) team it’s hard to not know that. Totally not a big football fan as much as I tried to be growing up. Baseball in my blood. Speaking of which… the truck leaves Fenway in exactly 8 days Red Sox fans. EIGHT! Squeeee!

Okay so I really do enjoy the big games, like the Super Bowl, but because it means I have an excuse to enjoy a spread of yummy food and hope for hilarious commercials. Last year they were just so-so if I remember correctly. Years past were soo much better. Maybe the economy had something to do with that but who am I kidding… these companies are worth billions, they can shell out a few million for an itty bitty commercial. Which btw how completely absurd is it that a 30 second ad costs that much for a spot on Super Bowl Sunday. On average they cost 3.5 million for 30 seconds. Asinine. But I still love them… usually.

So let’s jump to the standard questions of: who are you rooting for? Or are you just watching for the commercials or half time show? Do you have your menu planned? No?! Well fear not… neither do I BUT I have you covered with 54 completely delicious and crowd pleasing recipes. From snacks and appetizers to bunches of slow cooker dishes (hello easy party hosting!) to pizzas and other entrees… plus desserts because we can’t have a party without dessert! PS – for you buffalo lovers out there… there are TEN buffalo chicken recipes below.

Save your Super Bowl party food shopping until at least Friday afternoon or Saturday because I have one more super delicious recipe that you might just want to add to your menu.

Oh and Wednesday… big things happening so check back in. ;)

Spicy Chicken Bites Recipe - bakedbyrachel.com

Snacks & Appetizers
Spicy chicken bites
Bacon wrapped barbecue chicken tenders
Buffalo chicken nachos
Buffalo chicken deviled eggs
Blue cheese stuffed buffalo chicken meatballs
Buffalo chicken dip
Bagel chips
Buffalo chicken wontons
Sausage and red pepper stuffed mushrooms
Spicy stuffed mushrooms
Pico de gallo
Cheese and herb monkey bread
Buttermilk cornbread
Soft pretzel bites
Crispy baked ravioli
Parmesan potato bites
Caramel corn
Baked panko onion rings

carnitas pizza - baked by rachel

Pizzas & Entrees
Carnitas pizza
Bacon and barbecue chicken pizza
Italian sausage and pepper pizza
Breakfast pizza
Buffalo chicken pizza
Barbecue chicken French bread pizza
Buffalo chicken calzones
Italian sausage ziti
Three cheese chicken penne
Havarti mac and cheese
Andy’s mac and cheese
Baked mac and cheese
Buffalo mac and cheese
Bacon wrapped meatloaf

Slow Cooker Corn and Bacon Chowder - bakedbyrachel.com

Slow cooker
Slow cooker corn and bacon chowder with shrimp
Slow cooker New England clam chowder
Slow cooker buffalo chicken chowder
Slow cooker buffalo chicken chili
Slow cooker two bean spicy chili
Slow cooker white chicken chili
Slow cooker Mexican chicken chili
Slow cooker loaded potato soup
Slow cooker chicken tortilla soup
Slow cooker Guinness beef stew

NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe - bakedbyrachel.com

NY Times chocolate chip cookies
Biscoff oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Oatmeal raisin cookies
Chewy molasses cookies
Mini coffee cheesecakes with caramel whipped cream
Cake batter Rice Krispie treats
Funfetti cupcakes
Guinness and Bailey’s cupcakes
Blondie brownies
Apple snickerdoodle cobbler
Apple slab pie
Apple cranberry crumb pie