A collection of over 80 fun and flavorful homemade pizza recipes, from basic to over the top! There is something for everyone!

80+ homemade pizza recipes on bakedbyrachel.com

In case you forgot… Sunday is the big game. And, you need pizza recipes, because I’d hate for you to be stuck in a long order queue or having your pizza show up cold because the delivery person got lost. I’m sure that’s totally happened.

Homemade is always better than take-out or store bought anyway.

I know what you might be thinking. It’s hard to make. Or it takes too long. Right?

Not true.

It’s super easy and the flavors are out of this world compared to anything you could ever order from a typical pizza joint.

The possibilities are endless… from chicken enchilada pizza to bacon cheeseburger pizza and classic white pizzas.

I’ve compiled a list of more than 80 incredible pizza recipes from some very talented food bloggers. There is something for everyone!

Be sure to check them all out and pick your favorites! And most of all… have a very tasty Super Bowl Sunday!

Easy Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Recipe from bakedbyrachel.com


Whole wheat pizza dough
Guinness pizza dough
Quina pizza crust
Paleo pizza crust
Cauliflower pizza crust
Cornmeal pizza dough
Garlic bread pizza dough

Easy homemade white garlic pizza sauce recipe from @bakedbyrachel


White garlic pizza sauce
Easy homemade marinara sauce
Easy homemade enchilada sauce
Brown sugar barbecue sauce
Pesto sauce

Homemade thin crust two-cheese white pizza. Recipe from @bakedbyrachel


Thin crust two cheese white pizza
Broccoli and cheddar four cheese pizza
Middle Eastern flatbread pizza with eggplant, tahini sauce and za’atar
Grilled caprese pizza
Personal eggplant pizzas
Sweet potato kale pizza with rosemary and red onion
Spinach artichoke pesto pizza
Mediterranean pizza with feta cheese
Spinach artichoke French bread pizza
Spring pea and lemon pesto pizza
Butternut squash and sage pizza
Margarita pizza
Oven roasted veggie pizza
Roasted mushroom pizza with garlic and rosemary
Ricotta and spinach pizza

Thin crust bacon cheeseburger pizza recipe from @bakedbyrachel


Thin crust bacon cheeseburger pizza
Cheesesteak pizza
Thin crust Guinness pizza with shredded beef, mushrooms and peppers
Carnitas pizza
Bacon blue cheese burger pizza
BBQ Philly cheesesteak pizza
Sloppy Joe French bread pizza
Beef and caramelized kimchi pizza
Taco French bread pizza
Hawaiian BBQ beef pizza with rice flour crust

Homemade thin crust barbecue chicken pizza with crispy bacon, fresh corn and onions. Recipe from @bakedbyrachel


Barbecue chicken pizza with bacon and corn
Chicken enchilada pizza
Thin crust three cheese chicken pizza with garlic white sauce
Grilled chicken Caesar pizza
Roasted garlic chicken pizza
Blueberry balsamic chicken meatball pizza
Bacon-basil pesto and chicken pizza
Bacon and barbecue chicken pizza
Whole wheat buffalo chicken pizza
Chipotle BBQ chicken cast iron skillet pizza
Thai BBQ chicken pizza
Cajun chicken pizza
Chicken ranch pizza
Chicken parmesan pizza
Whole wheat barbecue chicken enchilada pizza with bacon and pepperoni
California club pizza
Barbecue chicken French bread pizza
Chicken cordon bleu pizza
Taco pizza
Broccoli and chicken Alfredo garlic bread pizza

Homemade thin crust meat lover's pizza recipe from @bakedbyrachel


Meat lovers pizza
Bratwurst and potato pizza with beer crust
Three cheese Hawaiian pizza
BBQ pulled pork pizza with brussels sprouts
Whole wheat chorizo spinach skillet pizza
Sweet and spicy pulled pork BBQ pizza
Hawaiian flatbread pizza with crispy pancetta and shredded pork
Lentil prosciutto parmesan pizza
Wisconsin beer cheese sauce pizza with bacon and sausage
Chimichurri, chorizo and squash blossom pizza
Bacon, goat cheese and tomato pizza
Smoked mozzarella and sausage pizza
Pepperoni florentine pizza
Spicy sausage and pepperoni pizza
Italian sausage and pepper pizza
Prosciutto and pear pizza
Perfect pepperoni pizza
Deep dish Chicago style pizza
Tomato chile bacon pizza

Three cheese pan pizza recipe from @bakedbyrachel


Three cheese pan pizza
White clam pizza
Loaded mashed potato pizza
Breakfast pizza
Mac n cheese pizza
Smoked salmon and avocado pizza
Cheesy garlic pizza bread sticks


Gluten-free chicken tikka masala pizza
Cauliflower crust tomato basil pizza
Paleo caramelized onion white pizza
Gluten free Hawaiian pizza

80+ homemade pizza recipes on bakedbyrachel.com